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Seven Simple Leadership Lessons


The seven simple leadership lessons I was reminded of by 41 client leaders this past week:

  1. Rapport isn’t rocket science. All it takes is for one face-to-face interaction to really shift (for the better!) a relationship that’s been solely built by telephone and email.
  2. Influence isn’t just a topic underneath the heading of Leadership; it IS leadership.
  3. I/we are still not listening.
  4. It’s easy to teach curiosity as a leadership practice; it’s a whole other ballgame to be curious real-time, especially when you hear something that really bothers you.
  5. Why are leaders, who are excited about the potential that comes with diversity of thought in the workforce, still trying to make everyone think and work the same way?
  6. When I ask for help, almost all of my stress goes away. (Maybe it IS rocket science.)
  7. And this quote from an unknown leader: “The practice of yoga is helping me to be more flexible. And now I’m wondering, how flexible am I in my thoughts?”

Just a little food for thought.

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