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Human resources

As homeowners, we often weigh the decision of hiring a contractor versus the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach, and in most households, there is often a difference of opinions between the primary decision makers. One advocates for the perceived cost savings, excitement and challenge of the DIY project – the new skills, the new tools, and the pride in a job well done. The other wants things done right the first time with minimal stress. No one is always wrong, just as no one is always right. It depends on the job.

The DIY craze in home repair is a strong analogy for the approach to Human Resources in many small to medium-sized organizations. It’s highly likely that one or more decision makers in the organization struggle with this very same battle. We know we can accomplish great things when we put our minds to it, and at the same time we know that hiring a professional is sometimes the more productive and effective path.

HR practices and policies drive the outcomes of organizations. This is a bold claim, and one we at Emergent make with absolute certainty. HR processes directly affect how your employees work. The culture of the organization, productivity of the employees and over-arching employee engagement dynamics are directly tied to HR strategic initiatives and leadership. How are your people inspired in their work? HR and leadership.

According to www.personneltoday.com1, an organization can expect the following from an HR expert:

  • Costs and efficiency – cost of HR service per employee, process times, accuracy per 100 transactions, absenteeism levels.
  • Reputation – employee brand data, league tables, awards, positive press comments and lack of the opposite.
  • Leadership development – investment levels, productivity improvements, internal succession bench strength.
  • Culture and values – surveys, 360 feedback, customer perceptions, OD interventions, training coverage.
  • Strategy – senior management judgement.

From recruitment through retention to retirement, HR is at the heart of your organization’s success or failure. Ultimately, all strategy is carried out and executed by people. The stories your employees share in the community are a direct reflection on the organization’s HR philosophies and efforts. At Emergent, we focus on creative and contemporary employee-centric HR strategic services. We are strong partners for the leadership development essential for high employee engagement, and we are strong partners for creative HR practices that fit your organization’s culture.

The DIY approach can work for many jobs, but as your organization grows – or as you choose to undertake a more proactive approach to your organization’s growth – hiring an HR strategic partner will be more effective at getting the job done right the first time… with minimal stress.

1 How can HR prove it really adds value?

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