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The 5 P’s of an Awakened Leader

A man stands alone on a bridge between two mountains.

We know that as the pace of change in the world accelerates, both the challenges and opportunities for leaders and organizations grow exponentially. We must rely less on past successes and what we know and more on being open, willing and prepared to continually learn, adapt and grow if we intend to remain relevant.

A leader must be both committed and competent in the 5 P’s of an Awakened Leader: Present, Purposeful, Passionate, Patient, and Persistent.

Being present allows us to have a broader understanding of the changing business landscape, gaps in our skill set and culture, and a sense of awareness to know where to look for ideas and solutions that will contribute to performance.

Purpose provides context and meaning. It is a way of centering ourselves and our organizations while navigating the sea of change. Just as a compass tells us where we are, our purpose and values provide a roadmap for who we are and how we will act while navigating the evolving environment.

Passion is the energy that inspires you and others to follow, adapt, and continue – not just passion for what you do, but also a passion for who you are being when and where you operate.

Patience is necessary because while learning, growth and development are the overall intentions, life does not usually move in an upward trajectory, uninterrupted by any setbacks. There will be bumps, detours, and disappointments along the way. The awakened leader gets discouraged but does not give up, and is able to have enough resilience not to give up on herself or others.

Persistence involves remaining committed to the current course of action and showing an indomitable spirit along the way, with the ability to see and utilize obstacles as stepping stones. Each setback is an opportunity in disguise, or as Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,” says, each loss comes with the seed of equivalent greatness.

So how well are you practicing the 5 P’s of an Awakened Leader? Where are your gaps? What commitments will you make to yourself and your organization to strengthen yourself?

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