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Detaching From Outcomes

balloon-01“What? How can it be valuable if I don’t get the outcome I want?”

I remember my first reaction to what appeared to be this outrageous and unrealistic idea of not being attached to the outcome. How can that be? How can I achieve my goals and stay focused if I am not attached to and concerned about the outcome? It got even murkier for me when my coach asked, “What if the day was already of value, regardless of what happens?” What?! I was even more confused.

And then one day it hit me – there are too many variables involved in anything worthwhile to control, let alone be attached to, the outcomes. We have influence over how we show up, but we have no control over what else will show up, too.

We can set an intention, have passion, and even have an expectation of achieving an intended outcome, but at that point we need to be mindful of detaching – of allowing whatever shows up to be okay. Our detachment and acceptance of what IS mitigates resistance and allows for something that is possibly better to manifest in place of our original intention. Our acceptance of what is allows for the possibility of what might be.

So keep going and keep “letting go” at the same time – and be delighted with whatever shows up. Your day is already of value.

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