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On Purpose: Being vs. Doing

116I continue to be intrigued by the notion of purpose and how “what you do” is less important than “how you do it.” How you do anything in this moment is a reflection of your inner purpose.

Energetically, we are all vibrating at a higher level when our inner purpose is connected with our outer purpose or goals.

While listening to Eckhart Tolle, author of, The Power of Now, and more recently, A New Earth, I was taken by the idea that our true purpose on this earth is to awaken and to raise our own consciousness as well as that of mankind. How we respond to whatever happens to us is an indicator of our level of consciousness. In the book, A New Earth, Tolle suggests that there are only three responses for the highly evolved conscious being:

Acceptance of what is – or as Byron Katie suggests, “Loving What Is. “Enjoyment – enjoying this moment, the only moment we have regardless of the activity that we are performing. Enthusiasm – being enthusiastic about our purpose, vision, and goals.

How can we learn to accept, enjoy, and be enthusiastic about each and every precious moment that we live?

Another concept that fascinates me, but can tend to be a little confusing, is this idea of expectancy combined with detached involvement. Expectancy raises our vibration level and attracts more of what we want in our lives. However, it is critical to believe in our expectations without permanently attaching them to our outcomes. Attachment sets us up for resistance because we do not actually have control over the timing of the end result. Although it is important to have a clear image of what we expect, being too specific may cause us to miss something that could be better than what we ever expected.

So it really isn’t about doing anything, but more about remembering and reconnecting to who we really are to act with purpose and intention. Little children get this and that may be why many of us find them such a joy to be around – they tend to be more “in the moment” stay more closely connected to their source energy. Remembering what has been identified as being in-touch with our natural state of perfection. We can do this by re-establishing or reconnecting to our center point of love.

When we are connected to our source energy, we feel good and are inspired to be and do all that we can. This is why it is critically important to notice or become aware of how we feel from moment to moment. If we feel good, it is more likely that something positive will show up – if we feel bad it is an immediate indicator that something we don’t want may soon appear.

Therefore, the key is to focus on what we want, so that we can create the vibration level needed to attract what we ultimately expect and want to achieve in our lifetime. It is important that we have a practice which enables us to create spacing and openness to receptivity by quieting the mind through mediation.

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