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7 Simple Steps to Lasting Change

  1. It is Your Responsibility
    While we use the strong declaration – it is your fault to get your attention, it is not about blame. It is however about personal responsibility and empowerment. When we buy-in that we have attracted most everything that shows up, either consciously or unconsciously, we feel empowered to change things that are not working.
  2. Vivid Visualization
    The process of visualization makes what we are trying to make stick come alive. Vividly imagining what we are intending to attract, giving this intention color, sound, size, and feel, makes it a real experience for us.
  3. Focus, Focus, Focus
    Whatever you focus on expand and it is important for you to focus on what you want not on what you don’t want.
  4. Choices not Decisions
    The key to make anything stick is to make conscious choice.
  5. Embracing Opposites
    The key to successful interdependent living and getting what you want is your ability to embrace opposites. This gives you more adaptability and the ability to stick with something using different approaches.
  6. Slow Down to Go Faster
    Creating space to plan, communicate, exercise, increases your ability to make anything stick.
  7. Maintaining Momentum
    Once a new habit is established it is important to find practices, rituals, and a support network that will help you maintain your momentum.
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