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Creating Space

It is the space between the notes that makes the music possible. It is the space in and around the vase that defines it’s shape. And it is the space that we create in our lives and our leadership that gives rise to insights, inspiration, and innovation.

Unfortunately many of us have grown so accustomed to keeping so busy that we have to a large extent neglected taking time to create space in our lives. Without space there is little or no opportunity for something new to emerge. Even if the desire for something new is there, the acquisition of it is difficult if there is no place to put it. 

Where could you benefit from creating more space in your life?

  • Create space for contemplation and reflection.
  • Create space for renewal.
  • Create space in conversation.

Reflect on your recent conversations, daily activities, or weekly experiences. How much space have you created for connection, intention setting, renewal, as well as purposeful and value-based decision making?

The time is NOW! Commit to transforming both your leadership and your life by tapping into the “collective unconscious” simply by making room for it to arrive.

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