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Cruise Control Inoperative

My son and I were on our way to karate class when the instrument panel of my car flashed, Cruise Control Inoperative. Without hesitation I immediately went into problem solving mode, instructing my son to retrieve the owner’s manual from the glove compartment, to look up the problem.

And then in a moment, that I really can’t explain – I had an insight that maybe there was no problem with the car, but instead the universe was sending me a message to get out of cruise control in my life.

I posed the possibility of this being a message from the universe to my son, he was intrigued by the idea. Immediately the energy in the car shifted. We were no longer tense and upset about this “problem,” we now had become curious as to where we might be doing things automatically, without conscious thought in our own lives.

So consider consciously making cruise control in your own life inoperative and begin to notice what shows up.

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