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Think about a time when you felt most free.When was it? What were your life circumstances? For me it was during my college days. Although I didn’t own much then, in fact everything I did own fit comfortably into the 1968 Chevelle that I inherited from my grandfather. But this was a time when I was free to dream, free to go, free to choose whether I attend class or not.

It was a time of seemingly unlimited opportunity. While the job market wasn’t great, that didn’t seem to worry me much or take up any emotional or psychological space. Things worked out for most of us, probably because most of us were trusting the process of life.

It wasn’t until a few years after college that I started to collect things and started the process of eroding my freedom. I collected all kinds of material things; cars, apartments, houses, bigger houses, nicer cars, and lots and lots of other stuff. The more stuff I have, the more stuff I have to keep track of, insure, and worry about. The more space I had as measured by square footage, the less space I had as measure by freedom.

So when am I going to start getting it? The next job, or house, or car, or boat, can never and has never ever given me what I already have – me.

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