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Meditate, Move, and Mingle

Perhaps my interest in meditation started with my own need to slow down and sit still and to just develop more patience for what is. Or maybe it is rooted in my need to be a peaceful being. But in the end my intention is to assist myself and others to gain perspective.

Sometimes in my search for health, happiness, and well being, I tend to make it more complicated and more difficult than it needs to be. So lately I have been focused on just a few things, each day and each week, that help keep me grounded.


MEDITATE – To sit quietly and do nothing, just for a few minutes, not with the goal of becoming more enlightened, but practicing heightened awareness.

MOVE – To exercise the body in ways that keep us flexible, strong, and fit.

MINGLE – To interact with others. We are social beings and socializing greases the skids for effective interdependence.

So each day have the intention to set aside time to meditate, move, and mingle and begin to notice how it almost imperceptibly helps your being and doing.

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