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Inspired Action

Inspired action is action that is derived from the “why.” It is strongly linked and influenced by our purpose and passions or reasons for being. It does not have to be a BIG step, but it does have to be a step forward, a baby step if you will. Think of it as something that is just right in front of you – the next thing.

Some tools or practices that can be utilized for taking inspired action include:

  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Intentions/Affirmations
  • Weekly Planning
  • Daily Prioritization and Execution

And, we must keep in mind that the reason that we are not doing what we said we want to do is because we are doing something else instead. What else are you doing and why? This question provides an excellent opportunity to use journaling as a way of heightening your awareness as to where you are focusing your attention and energy.

A question that may be useful to reflect upon is – “How do I stop what is stopping me?”

Begin by focusing on what you want and making sure why you want it.

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