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The World is Your Oyster

I read an article in the Sunday paper a few weeks back titled “The world is your oyster – if you pry it open”, written by Bruce Ramsey of The Seattle Times. He begins with advice to graduates, “Some time in your life, live outside the United States. Not only will you be in another world, you will more clearly see the world you came from, and who you are.” I’m intrigued! And so I decide to test out his theory. But I needed to improvise a bit because I don’t have plans to leave the country anytime soon. While on vacation out of state, I tried to see the world that I came from and discover something new about who I am. Here’s what I found. First, my world. New York state has some beautifully, well-maintained roads. The next time I’m delayed by road construction, I vow to replace feelings of frustration with a happy wave to the roadside crew…thumbs up! Now, to me.  I consider myself to be a fairly open-minded and objective person…but maybe there’s room for improvement.  I’d like to get better at remembering that the way I do things isn’t the only way of doing things. And just because I believe things should look or be a certain way doesn’t mean that a different approach couldn’t be just as (or even more) effective. The next time you are outside of your usual elements, take a look back at your world and what’s inside. What a great way to explore….let me know what you find!

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