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Perfect Moments

As coaches, we speak a lot about the importance of energy renewal in four important areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In training, we brainstorm about different options for each. When we coach individuals, we continually go back to “what are you doing to renew yourself?”. We personally commit to renewing ourselves in each area as well.

On very rare occasions, I have the opportunity to experience renewal in all four areas at one time. That experience is cathartic. For 1-2 hours every so often, I engage in an activity where I feel physically strong, mentally challenged, emotionally connected and spirtually guided all at the same time. In that time, I am my most creative, abundant, intelligent and authentic self! How lucky we are to have these “perfect” moments!

Where are your opportunities to create these moments for yourself?  How do you build on the smaller energy renewal successes to create that same feeling on a regular basis?

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