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Open to Opening

I was re-listening to a course that I participated in a few years ago with Jerry Stocking. The subject of the course was intuition, an area that I was intending on developing or connecting with more strongly.

I had what seemed to be many “aha” moments throughout the three day course, however the concept that I resonated with the most was that of being open to opening. The idea that having a predisposition to anything in particular leaves everything else out, was revolutionary as well as a bit mind boggling. By constantly trying to anticipate, think of, or predict what’s next, I was preventing any opportunity or opening to notice the intuitive nudges that surrounded me all of the time.

It took me awhile to get myself comfortable with the idea that I was either so consumed with stuff and plans  that I was unable to hear my intuition or when I did actually create enough space for it to surface – it was extremely inconvenient to what I had planned.

Experiment with creating more space in your life and then notice and appreciate the wonderful gift of intuition.

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