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We Teach What We Need to Learn

I had a wonderful opportunity to share my perspectives on an integrated approach to leadership to a group of college juniors and seniors recently. It was inspiring to see their energy and interest for the topic, particularly their interest in the role of spirituality in leadership.

Sometime during our conversation, I realized that everything I was sharing with them was really about the things I am in the process of learning and mastering. We teach what we need to learn.

I also noticed that the relevance of this discovery was rooted in love and compassion. When I take the time to remember that each of us are perfectly where we need to be on our journey, including myself, I am in a better position to see them cleanly, less judgmentally, and can effectively support them stepping further into their pre-ordained greatness.

Each of us was sent here with unique gifts and for a divine purpose. Be kind to yourself and consistently reflect upon both your blessings and lessons.


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