Less is More

Less is more. More space allows room for new ideas, insights, and inspirations to surface. We seem to be cultivating a culture where more is better; more stuff, more commitments, more activities, just a lot more to manage and keep track of. Yet at times, when we are taking a breath, we realize at the core of who we really are, that this pace, this stuff, this crazy schedule is causing us to miss life.

It is time to return home – to begin to realize that we are truly spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way around. We must remember that each of these physical experiences is a knock on the door of awakening to who we are and what life really is about. It is our personal invitation to leave the world of illusion by surrendering to the truth.

I am not against enjoying the material objects of our physical experience. I particularly enjoy driving nice cars, dressing well, and enjoying interesting parts of the world. However it is important for me to remember that while these things can enhance my journey, they are not the essence of the journey itself.

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