The Boys in the Boat – A Book Review

The subtitle of this book – not a spoiler alert! – gives a good idea what it’s about and how it ends: “Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.” What you will find between the front and back cover are pages of powerful metaphors for building, leading, and inspiring…


Do you trust?

From the first time we’re tossed in the air as a baby – and caught – to the first time our own babies are tossed in the air – and caught – we are learning about trust … the trust we have in others, and the trust others have in us. Beginning with that relationship…


Why Team’s Don’t Work

It starts with the Declaration of Independence, moves to the Protestant work ethic, and is followed by Hoover’s “rugged individualism.” Let’s not forget class ranking, top sales reps, and all of the other things that focus on individual effort, achievement, and an overall emphasis on independence rather than interdependence. It helps me understand the statement…