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How Teams Roll – Creating Operational Ground Rules

Often what’s most overlooked in building teams is taking the time to create operational ground rules that define how a team engages. Creating these important ground rules ensures that we mitigate “stupid conflict,” and improve accountability to get things done smarter, faster, and better together.


Turning Groups into Teams

Learn how to turn a “group of individuals working together” into a high performing team that is focused on an aligned strategy.


Magnificent Meetings, Part 2 – Starting Strong

Do you want to improve the quality of your meetings? Start strong. Ralph and Cindy discuss how checking in with team members in four key areas at the beginning of a meeting will improve engagement, participation and the quality of the discussion.


Creating The Roadmap to Higher Team Performance

A strong team must have a model for what success looks like in terms of performance, relationships, and culture. The team vision paints the picture for what that can look like. We’ll explain.


Listener Questions

Ralph and Cindy answer questions from the audience. Topics include strategies for keeping team members engaged during meetings, dealing with individuals who routinely resist opposing viewpoints, what to do when one team member consistently dominates meetings, and how to handle high performers who habitually miss deadlines.


How Safe is Your Environment

Often leaders unconsciously create conditions under which their team members are afraid to speak up. This can kill creativity, innovation, problem solving and team performance. We’ll offer ideas about how to create a more psychologically safe environment in which everyone on the team can thrive.


Magnificent Meetings

According to the Harvard Business Review, 71% of people feel that most meetings they participate in are a waste of time. We’ll outline the four essential types of meetings and give you five tips to make those meetings more productive.