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Podcast Categories

The Gap is the Way

The success of realizing a vision, achieving a goal or solving a problem begins with identifying the gap.


Building Influence

Learn about the secret influencing skill that will change your life.


Manage Up

Ralph and Cindy discuss techniques to build a culture of commitment and accountability at all levels of an organization.


Fact or Fiction

Humans are “meaning-making machines.” What does it mean when someone doesn’t return your phone call? If you think it means anything other than they just haven’t returned you phone call, you need to listen to this episode.


Start Complaining

Complaints aren’t just negative. They are powerful tools to use in building a culture of accountability. Listen and learn more.


Renegotiating Promises

Learn how to effectively adapt your commitments based on changing circumstances.


Rebuilding Trust

Some say that fulfilling promises is the key to building trust with others. Just as important is how we rebuild trust when a promise is broken.