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The Five Essential Elements of a Great Team

Once you’ve determined a team is necessary, there are five essential elements that are vital to that team’s success. Cindy Masingill and Ralph Simone describe the five elements and why they’re critical to building a high-performing team.


Teams-Where to Begin

We hear a lot about teams in business today. But do you really need a team? And if you do, who are the right players? Ralph Simone and Cindy Masingill offer valuable insights to guide you in making these critical decisions.



Is your team failing to deliver results? Could it be that they’re not as committed as you think they are or as you need them to be? Learn how to get true buy-in from your team.


Building Trust

So you’ve decided that your team is not operating to its highest potential. Where do you start? It starts with trust.


Stop the Meeting Madness

We’ll address the elephant in the room – we are overworked because we spend so much time stuck in ineffective or unneeded meetings. Learn how to stop the meeting madness.


Building High Performing Teams Introduction

How do you turn what’s essentially just a group of people working together into an actual high performing team?