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What it take to be an Effective Leader – Webinar

Date(s) - Thu February, 2nd, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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The real deal on what it takes to be an effective leader

Do you know what it takes to become an effective, even transformational, leader? There are thousands of experts out there who share their views on what’s most important for leadership development; in fact, if you search Amazon’s website for “leadership books,” you will get 188,886 selections!

Where to begin can feel a little overwhelming and can prevent us from even taking the first step. If you are new to management, new to supervising people, or anticipating taking a bigger role within the organization you serve, this webinar will help you create a simple, clear, even self-guided development plan for how you desire to evolve as an effective, and transformational, leader. Don’t wait for your manager or organization to train you on leadership … start today by joining our newest webinar which covers:

  • Five fundamentals of a leader.
  • Tools that support leadership development.
  • Three things you can do today (for free!) that will transform how you lead others.

To register for this free webinar hosted by Cindy Masingill, click here.

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