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How to Have the Conversation(s) You’re Avoiding

Date(s) - Wed June, 13th, 2018
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Type

Leadership Roundtable Webinar

The word “conversation” means the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words. Some conversations are easier than others. You might consider it easy to make lunch plans, share your views about a recent TED talk, or collaborate on a project; where do you stand with these types of conversations?

  • Giving constructive feedback to someone about their performance.
  • Talking with a peer about their lack of accountability in completing a commitment made to you.
  • Requesting that your boss be on time to the meetings that she scheduled.
  • Sharing with your business partner that you have lost interest in a new initiative that you originally enthusiastically supported.

Whether you call them “crucial” conversations, “fierce” conversations, “difficult” conversations, or “honest” conversations, there are three important skills that leaders need to master:

  1. Determining if, and believing in, the conversation should be had (spoiler alert – most should).
  2. Building the courage to have the conversation.
  3. Approaching the conversation in a way that all parties are heard, while maintaining (and perhaps strengthening) the relationship.

Join Cathy Gaynor in this webinar to learn new ways to have the conversation(s) you’ve always wanted to have. Come prepared with a specific conversation you are concerned about or one you might be avoiding (you won’t be asked to share with the group).

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