Dynamic Team Performance in Binghamton, NY

team-performanceTeam performance is key in your Binghamton, NY organization.

People get most done when they work together effectively – whether in a functional team, a team of managers, or a project team. Team performance and productivity within your Binghamton, NY business can suffer if a team is not working well together. We all achieve more together, and everyone can perform at a higher level if they work as a unified, well-oiled team.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a lack communication, connection, conflicting goals and unclear expectations within the teams in your Binghamton, NY organization? These are a few symptoms of a team not performing to its highest potential. And, there’s often room for improvement, even within teams meeting their goals.

What can you do to help your team improve, and what impact would it have on your Binghamton, NY organization if your team performed at a higher level?

You can take your team to the next level with good team coaching and consulting. We can help you create a trusting environment within your Binghamton, NY organization – one where conflicts are encouraged and openly aired, and where teammates hold themselves, and each other, accountable to the commitments driving outstanding performance.

The Dynamic Team Performance process from Emergent that will develop the team in your Binghamton, NY organization includes:


  • Team Assessment – completed by individual team members and complied to create a team report.
  • Team to read Article on the importance of teamwork and the benefits for the individual, the team, the organization, and our communities.
  • Two-day facilitated training and team building event, includes a low risk physical challenge with a certified professional coach.


  • Follow up session to discuss progress on team goals and development areas agreed upon.

This offering is based on the content from “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” book written by Patrick Lencioni. To learn more about how Emergent can help you with the team performance goals for your Binghamton, NY organization, please feel free to contact us. We would love to speak with you. You may reach us by using our convenient online contact form, or you may call us for more information at (315) 635-6300. We look forward to helping you succeed.

We also offer dynamic team performance services in and around the following cities: