7 Days to Renewed Energy and Perspective – Action Step 5


Mental/Physical Activities

Identify an activity or activities unrelated to your work and participate in that activity for ONE segment throughout the day. For the purpose of this activity, we suggest a segment length of 20 minutes or more.

The activity is intended to be fun, challenging, and stimulating – something that stimulates your mind or body beyond its current shape and capacity.

Activities can range from reading to learning a martial art; in fact, it could be highly productive to find an activity that provides both mental and physical stimulation.

  1. Pick an activity or activities that you will use to exercise your mind or body – or both – on a daily basis.
  2. Immerse yourself into the activity, applying a single focus to the experience.
  3. Notice how you feel at the conclusion of the experience each day and notice what impact it has on your overall levels of inner peace and harmony.
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