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Detachment for Higher Productivity

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We came into the world attached to our mothers, but when did we really start getting productive? When the cord was cut. Somehow, now, we have become attached again – this time, to technology. Between email, social media, and smartphones, we can be reached anytime, anywhere.

Studies are now showing that detachment and recovery from work are essential for both our physical and psychological health.  The advent of 24/7 availability has actually limited our creativity, and we are deciding, finally, that being available all the time is not a badge of honor. In fact, “breakthroughs” happen most often when we are not thinking about work; some of our best ideas pop into our heads when we’re gardening, driving to a child’s ball game, listening to music, or even taking a bath. True story; I know a writer who keeps a white board next to her bathtub for that very reason!

People who detach from work have less work-related fatigue, procrastinate less, and feel more in the “flow” and engaged while at work. Everyone needs a reset when the day is done; I challenge you to detach today after work and become totally engaged in an activity at home or in your relationships. Aim for the feeling you have when you return from a detached vacation, or even a long weekend. Play with your kids, walk your dog, tap into a hobby you used to enjoy, or pick up the latest novel you have been meaning to read and – dare I say it – cut the cord!

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