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Finding More Time

car-trafficCharles Bruxton once said, “You will never find time for anything.  If you want time, you must make it.”

Time is a consistent topic in many of my coaching meetings, and often a conversation with myself – whether it’s “I don’t have enough time,” “Time is going by too fast,” “People are taking my time,” or  “Where has the time gone?” Most of the conversations, coincidentally, involve a lack of time.

I recently  had an “aha!” moment when I asked myself, “How can I find more time?” and realized the answer was “In my car!” This might be stating the obvious, but over the last week, I’ve gotten a few things checked off my to-do list just by incorporating these activities while in my “mobile command center” (and all without jeopardizing the safety of others or myself).

Here are some things I’ve accomplished during my experiment over the last 5 days:

  • Creative thinking for upcoming training
  • Mental preparation for client meeting
  • Drank more water (sidenote: had to find public restroom!)
  • Ate afternoon protein snack
  • Flossed my teeth (my dentist will be so happy!)
  • Completed reading a book (on audio)
  • Arrived early to appointment and made a phone call
  • After appointment, before leaving the parking lot, made another call from my car
  • Listened to spa music and relaxed for 20 minutes (well, as much as you can relax while driving)

I’ve actually started separating out small tasks I can complete while in my car, and I’m getting more things done.

Granted, this isn’t rocket science.  But I was finding it frustrating at the end of each day to realize I hadn’t found time to drink water, prepare for meetings, or return someone’s call. I’m thrilled that I have found the answer – thrilled that I have found, in effect, more time!

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