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Are you taking enough time?

We have all heard the phrase “slow down and take time to smell the roses”. In our busy lives many of us would like to slow down, and make time to develop and focus on ourselves, nurture our relationships and enjoy life. I think generally we all look back on the week and say to ourselves, yes, I did spend some time doing all of those things. I am good. 

Lately, I have been putting out a question to myself.  “Have I taken enough time?” What is enough time? As we try to cram more and more activities into our calendar and more items on our to-do list, we begin to question how effective can I really be? We should consistently review how in control of our schedule are we, or is your schedule controlling you?

As we enter the upcoming holiday season and look to our goals and intentions for 2016, consider the question, have I set aside enough time to spend on my important activities? Are my activities running me? In my rush to complete the holiday to-do list, am I scheduling “enough” time with my family and other important relationships? 

Make a conscious choice to manage your schedule with more time for the important items on our calendar and enough time to enjoy them. Remember it is quality that counts over quantity.

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