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Getting Out of Your Own Way

Nothing changes if nothing changes. And the most important thing that needs changing from time to time is our thinking, While behavior and action are important, they are not even close to being as important as your thoughts and feelings.

It is these thoughts and feelings that inhibit or enhance future growth and development. Unfortunately these thoughts are so deeply ingrained that they cause us to become consistently unconsciously incompetent.

So it is imperative that if we want to change and succeed we must be willing to learn and unlearn some things that are no longer resourceful or perhaps were never resourceful in the first place.

Pay close attention to who and what you are listening to. Are the people you are listening to successful in the areas that you are listening to them in?

Ask yourself some important questions:

What is it that you want and more importantly why do you want it?

Once you have answered these questions begin to research who has done what you intend on doing, really, really well. Find them and begin modeling their thoughts and habits.

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