Soft Skills Are Really The Hard Skills

“Soft skills,” almost akin to the “sick sense,” the reference made by some people who do not fully appreciate intuition. Almost by definition referring to any skill as soft almost seems to marginalize it. And some hard charging analytical types spend so much time diminishing these skills because in their minds they can’t be measured. But they can! Perhaps not in the traditional sense of measurement, but the trust index is high with leaders who have invested time to master what I refer to as the “hard skills.”

The ability to inspire followers, collaborate across functional boundaries, and to dialogue about strategy and change are not “checklist skills.” Leaders who are able to do these three things engender trust and a culture that creates conditions for empowerment. Creativity and innovation flourish because there is a congruency between what is said and done. You don’t have to measure it, you just have to feel and experience the energy.

What type of a culture are you creating? How much time are you investing in becoming inspirational, collaborative,and learning how to dialogue?

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